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Where are you located and how far will you travel?

Do you offer any other services?

Of course!  We can build your wine cellar from the ground up including any insulation, tile, millwork fabrication, cooling system design, lighting design, general carpentry, spray foam insulation, wall & floor finishes, lime stone pre cast, acrylic & metal storage, wood of all types, faux finishes, artist's murals, etc.  Pretty much anything you want, we can provide.  

We are based in Stamford, CT and service the Tri-State area.  We have travelled as far as Delaware and a trip to Florida may be in our future.  For our loyal cutomers, we will go wherever you need us.  

How much will my cellar cost?

This is not the answer you want, but the truth is every cellar is so unique there's no way to just throw a number out.  But that's exactly why we come out in person and take precise measurments to give you the most accurate estimate we can before you commit to a design.  We also break down every item in the estimate so you know exactly where your money is going, no surprises, no hidden fees, just honest business.  

Where is the best place to build my wine cellar?

Wherever you want!  We've put wine cellars in all kinds of spaces; next to the dining room, kitchen, living the basement (finished or not), in a closet, or even under a staircase (see examples in our gallery).  Wherever you choose, we will build the room properly so you never have to worry.  

How many bottles can I fit in my cellar?

It depends on the space and the style of storage you choose; single bottle racks, loose bottle diamond bins and case storage.  We have installed cellars from 100 bottle closets to large rooms storing over 9,000!

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